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Master Class: Top 100 high school players, Nos. 81-100

We recently updated our rankings of each class, but where do the country’s best high school players rank against other classes? This week releases our Master Class top 100 ranking of top high schoolers, regardless of class.

Obviously, the Master Class ranking needs to use each of our class rankings from 2020, 2021 and 2022 as a guide and there are also a select few from a class that we haven’t ranked yet, 2023, that make the list. So, you won’t see a four-star prospect from 2022 ranking over a five-star from 2021. But, that doesn’t mean that 2020’s No. 40 ranked player can’t rank ahead of a player who ranks higher in the class of 2021. Class strength, experience, overall ceiling and many other factors are included here.

Today, we begin by counting down from 100 to No. 81.


Monday - Nos. 81-100

Tuesday - Nos. 61-80

Wednesday - Nos. 41-60

Thursday - Nos. 21-40

Friday - Nos. 1-10

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No. 100 - PJ Hall

Headed to Clemson, Hall is a very good athlete who has versatility. He’s strong enough to play as a five and skilled enough to play as a four in the ACC and should be an instant impact player.

No. 99 - Franck Kepnang

There aren’t many players in the country who are as big and rugged as Franck. He’s got infectious energy and is still just scratching the surface of his potential.

No. 98 - Dwon Odom

Steady, athletic and aggressive, Odom always goes at his opponent on both ends of the floor. He should be in line to play big minutes as soon as he steps foot on Xavier’s campus.

No. 97 - Justice Williams

One of the top young guards on the East Coast, he’s long and rangy and creates off the dribble. When the rest of his game catches up to his physical tools and driving ability, look out.

No. 96 - Bruce Thornton

One of the fiercest competitors in the country, he’s a pit bull on both ends of the floor. He’s already a high level winner and has become a major target in the Southeast.

No. 95 - Jalen Warley

He’s still building his reputation nationally and is poised for a huge spring. There just aren’t many guys his size who can make the plays off the dribble and as a passer that he does.

No. 94 - Efton Reid

One of the top post players in the junior class, he’s got a mature game. Reid can post you up, face up and shoot and has a body that will be ready for the college game.

No. 93 - M.J. Rice

When healthy, strength, toughness and will to score make him a load on the offensive end. He already looks like a college sophomore physically.

No. 92 - Andre Curbelo

There aren’t many players in the country who are more fun to watch. He makes those around him better, contributes across the board and looks capable of being a leader as a freshman for Brad Underwood and Illinois.

No. 91 - Cam'Ron Fletcher

A big-time athlete, he’s at his best in the open floor. Currently, he’s kind of a tweener whose activity level will play a big role in his early playing time at Kentucky.

No. 90 - Mady Sissoko

This guy looks like Tom Izzo created him in a lab to come and play for the Spartans. Rugged, tough and relentless.

No. 89 - Jabri Abdur-Rahim

Tony Bennett and Virginia could sure use a shooter right now, but they’ll have to wait until next season for him to arrive on campus. Great size, wired to score and has NBA bloodlines.

No. 88 - Matthew Murrell

Don’t be surprised if he becomes an All-SEC player before his time in Oxford ends. Ole Miss is getting a pure scorer who is athletic and has a deadly jump shot.

No. 87 - Jaemnyn Brakefield

At Duke, he has enough size to play the five in a small lineup and the skill to play as a faceup four man. Has proven to be a consistent scorer against top competition.

No. 86 - Dawson Garcia

A McDonald’s All-American, to say he has the Marquette staff excited about him getting onto campus would be an understatement. New age big man can move, shoots from deep and has a great frame to build on.

No. 85 - JD Davison

One of the country’s freakiest athletes, he lives above the rim. When he gets loose in transition, stay out of his way or get put on a poster. Skill and feel is starting to catch up to athleticism.

No. 84 - Alex Tchikou

A product of France, he oozes upside and long-term potential. Runs the floor, can make the three and is a glass cleaner. When he gets stronger and really serious about things, he could rise to even loftier heights.

No. 83 - Charles Bediako

An import from Canada, he’s gone from big body who can run to big man who can also score. It won’t be a surprise if he ends up enrolling as a member of the class of 2020.

No. 82 - AJ Casey

Skilled big man put himself on the map because of his size and versatile offensive game. Now, his athleticism is catching up to his skill while he cements himself as a top big in the sophomore class.

No. 81 - Isael Silva

A big guard who has a high skill level and really sees the floor. Capable of raising the play of those around him or taking over as a scorer if needed.