Basketball Recruiting - Twitter Tuesday: Memphis, Duke, Arkansas, Cade Cunningham
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Twitter Tuesday: Memphis, Duke, Arkansas, Cade Cunningham

In this week’s Twitter Tuesday mailbag, Basketball Recruiting Analyst Corey Evans spotlights Cade Cunningham’s ongoing recruitment, evaluates the favorites for Earl Timberlake, checks in on Memphis’ 2020 hopes and more.

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I am still not willing to budge off of my Oklahoma State prediction for Cade Cunningham. Sure, his visit to Kentucky went well, but whose doesn’t? Cunningham wants to play for a national title, maximize his potential and compete alongside the best, which sounds a lot like what the Wildcats are pitching, right? However, knowing Cunningham like I do and how well-thought he is, he is not someone that is going to hastily decide on a program before he visits all of his finalists and carefully evaluates everything on the table.

If, hypothetically speaking, Cunningham does commit to Kentucky, that decision could weigh some on Greg Brown. The two are good friends and just finished playing alongside each other on the travel circuit this summer. Memphis and Texas are the two programs to beat but the idea of playing next to Cunningham could sway his decision some.

Getting Cunningham would be a game-changer for a number of reasons for the Wildcats but, for now, UK still has a lot of work to do.



It's pretty difficult to get a read on Earl Timberlake's recruitment right now. The five-star wing canceled his visit to North Carolina last week and is done with all of his college visits. He has been to the campuses at Miami, Pitt, Providence, Seton Hall and South Carolina. That we know. Where will he land? Your guess is as good as mine.

In the summer, South Carolina was discussed as the leader. In August, Providence and Seton Hall were thought to be out in front. The latest that I have gathered has involved Miami. However, none of the five finalists have a great feel for which way Timberlake might be leaning. I will predict Miami for now but that could definitely change between now and when he makes a decision.


Could Memphis, coming off the nation’s top-ranked class last year, actually not sign any prospects next month? That is how things look right now. The Tigers are involved with Gethro Muscadin, Jaden Springer, Devin Askew and Dawson Garcia, but I don’t see any of them committing to the Tigers.

Greg Brown will not sign until the late period in April, and the same can be said for Cliff Omoruyi, though Brown is the likelier of the two to play for Penny Hardaway. The one prospect that I do feel good about for the Tigers is Jalen Green. He will not sign until the late period with a Christmas Day decision falling after the early period but Memphis sits in a great spot with him.



Mark Williams. He will visit later this month and then make a college commitment on Nov. 1. Williams is down to Duke, Michigan and UCLA, with the Blue Devils sitting as the heavy favorite.

Hunter Dickinson will visit for Cameron Craziness this weekend and is expected to make a commitment in November as well. He could pick Florida State, Michigan or Notre Dame and has a better chance to see immediate minutes and a greater opportunity to star than he would at Duke. In the end, I believe that he nixes the Blue Devils and selects Michigan, but this weekend’s visit to Durham could change that assessment entirely.



I honestly would not be shocked one bit if Arkansas were to go on a run with its in-state talent and add at least two other prospects from the Natural State. Davonte Davis was a good start and will bring great toughness and scoring to Fayetteville. Along with him, travel teammates Jaylin Williams, Chris Moore and KK Robinson remain top priorities for Eric Musselman and his staff. Robinson and Moses Moody will visit Arkansas this weekend. Michigan is a top suitor for Moody. Kansas and TCU are in a good spot with Robinson.

Moore doesn’t seem near his college decision and neither does Williams but I expect at least one of them will pledge to Musselman. I will side with Williams and I believe that proximity to home will play a part in his decision. I think Robinson does the same and could actually see Moore and Moody joining in as well. This could give Arkansas a Fab Five of its own that all come within the state's borders.



Sorry to tell you, but Jalen Green is not coming to Florida State, even though he and Scottie Barnes have discussed playing together in college to the extent that the duo took their official visits to Florida State and Oregon during the same weekend.

Where the Seminoles want to add next, after the gigantic pick-up of Barnes, is in the frontcourt. They were in a great spot for Hunter Dickinson but Duke and Michigan have surpassed them. Leonard Hamilton has built his program on a cupboard full of centers so a true 5-man is needed, which is why Florida State has begun to express interest in Josh Gray. While Gray still needs more time to develop, he is someone worth keeping tabs on as the Seminoles finish out their 2020 class.