Basketball Recruiting - Three-Point Play: Kuminga mulls options, Brandon Lieb, commits on tap
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Three-Point Play: Kuminga mulls options, Brandon Lieb, commits on tap

Jonathan Kuminga
Jonathan Kuminga

Is the G League about to win another pressure packed battle with college basketball? Rivals analyst Corey Evans seems to think so. In the latest Three-Point Play, he brings to the light the latest on Jon Kuminga, the spring emergence of Brandon Lieb and why another round of commitments could be about to ensue.

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1. It appears G League has taken lead for Kuminga

While some services have already placed Jon Kuminga into the 2020 class, we are not ready to do that. Just as Eric Bossi had stated earlier in the week, while Kuminga has graduated from The Patrick School, questions remain as to his eligibility for college beginning in the fall. The sources that I have spoken with in recent days have said that Kuminga has not officially reclassified just yet but that an announcement will soon be made.

In the meantime, his recruitment continues to develop. It was just a few weeks ago that he narrowed his school list to a group of four consisting of Auburn, Duke, Kentucky and Texas Tech, but also included the G League within his list, as well. I had said at the time there was a better chance that he chooses to play overseas instead of the G League seeing that he was just beginning to have conversations with it.

That sentiment has changed. While I would be rather shocked if he does play college basketball, I am also on the side that he will become a member of the new G League initiative. It appears he will be joining Jalen Green, Daishen Nix, Isaiah Todd and Kai Soto in Southern California in the fall.

2. Lieb emerges as possible reclassification candidate

One name that wasn’t included in last week’s Evans Seven that could reclassify into the 2020 class later this summer is Brandon Lieb. A 7-footer from the state of Illinois, Lieb is the trendiest prospect in the sport right now and for good reason.

I watched his highlights over the weekend and I have to say, I was heavily impressed. He is not just some plodding big man that can’t move or score outside of five-feet from the basket. Sure, he is at his best near the goal and is a reliable drop off scorer or weakside putback finisher. However, he can convert over either shoulder in the post, runs the floor with a purpose and can hit difficult pick-and-pop or trail jumpers to the perimeter.

Slated to take a prep year in the fall, it is going to be difficult for Lieb to stick to his original plans after the tsunami of interest that has come his way. Offers are in hand from Bucknell, Illinois State, Toledo and Tulsa, while a number of others including Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Penn State, Providence, and Seton Hall have also begun to express interest with the thought of potentially redshirting him this year.

Does Lieb make the leap and decide to enroll this fall, or does he take a prep year and see who else might enter the picture thanks to an extra year of exposure? Options are not in short supply for someone that could be the final piece to someone’s roster for the upcoming season.

3. Another wave of commits ahead?

Moussa Cisse
Moussa Cisse (

After one of the more hectic springs that we have seen in quite some time which saw nearly a third of the 2021 Rivals150 commit, there was a bit of a lull towards the middle and end of May. Are we about to see another bump in commitments as the summer months approach, especially if the travel season fails to begin? It is looking to be the case.

Just yesterday, Bobby Pettiford came off the board in favor for Louisville. The Cards snag a hard-playing, explosive guard that should grow well under the tutelage of Chris Mack. Over the weekend, four-star guard Ryan Nembhard committed to Creighton, giving the Blue Jays a skilled and impactful piece at the lead guard position.

The jury is still out on Moussa Cisse and when he might commit. Sources have told that it could come as soon as this week, or it could be held off until August in order to get his academics lined up. LSU remains the leader in the clubhouse for the premier shot-blocker but don’t think that others aren’t using the extra time to make up ground.

That leads to Trey Patterson, who we know has scheduled a commitment for June 18. Florida, Indiana and UConn are seen as potential landing spots, but don’t count out Villanova, which has garnered most of the talk in recent weeks. Beyond the group, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a handful of others decide to call it a day with things, especially if they come to grasp with the idea that they won’t be taking visits this summer if the recruiting ban is extended beyond July 31.