Basketball Recruiting - Early Signing Period: Guide to the top 25 available seniors
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Early Signing Period: Guide to the top 25 available seniors

Jalen Green
Jalen Green (

After one day of the Early Signing Period, No. 3 overall Jalen Green headlines 35 members of 2020's RIvals150 who remain undecided.

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Of those 35, 25 rank amongst the top 100 players in the country and eight of them are five-star prospects. Where do the top remaining players stand? Do they have commitment plans or leaders? Here's a look at where the top 25 available players -- and given that No. 8 Makur Maker and No. 28 Marjon Beauchamp appear intent on skipping college we'll leave them out -- currently stand.

Commitment date?: To be determined (TBD), but not until the late period.

In the hunt: Auburn, Fresno State, Memphis, Oregon, USC overseas.

The latest: Green had initially planned to decide on Christmas Day but will hold off. The assumption has long been that Memphis is the team to beat but each team involved has made a run at one time or another. Of course, there will also be speculation about him possibly heading overseas.

Commitment date?: TBD, sometime this winter.

In the hunt: Arizona, Stanford and USC.

The latest: North Carolina was in there deep, but they are most likely out after taking Puff Johnson in the early period to round out a five-man class. His most recent visit was to Arizona and from the latest behind the scenes talk, the Wildcats have really improved their chances.

Commitment date?: TBD, in the late period.

In the hunt: Auburn, Kentucky, Memphis and Texas.

The latest: He saw Texas officially and also went to North Carolina unofficially, but like with Williams, the Heels are likely out with Brown due to lack of room in their class. Texas has been on him the longest and enjoys the benefits of being the home team, but this one still feels pretty open.

Commitment date?: 01/04/2020.

In the hunt: Gonzaga, overseas.

The latest: Perhaps some other teams could be listed here but Suggs has really only seen Gonzaga of late. For now, the prevailing thought is that he either ends up in Spokane or decides to play professionally overseas.

Commitment date?: TBD, in the late period.

In the hunt: Arizona State, Howard, Michigan, Missouri and UCLA.

The latest: This one has kind of been all over the map. He's got family ties to ASU and Mizzou and one of his best friends, Shareef O'Neal, is at UCLA. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry to make a decision, but at least as of late, the Bruins have been generating a buzz.

Commitment date?: 11/16/2019.

In the hunt: Alabama, Kentucky and Syracuse.

The latest: Jackson decides on Saturday and has seen all of his finalists. This one just might be too tight between Alabama and Kentucky to call coming down the stretch.

Commitment date?: TBD, possibly 11/18/2019.

In the hunt: DePaul, Louisville, N.C. State and others.

The latest: Hall has taken visits to State, DePaul and Louisville. The most recent visit was to NC State and the Pack has enjoyed a favorable buzz since then. He looks like he'll get his decision out of the way within the next 4-5 days.

Commitment date?: 11/21/2019.

In the hunt: Arizona, Illinois and Louisville.

The latest: So, Miller will announce his decision exactly one day after the signing period ends. For at least the last month or so, Illinois has been getting a lot of run as his potential destination. Over the last week, Arizona's name has become a bit more prominently mentioned than in the past.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely after the early period.

In the hunt: Auburn, LSU and N.C. State.

The latest: Will Thomas announce during the early signing period? That's not the expectation. But, things to appear to be heating up for him and LSU is the school that -- at least in recruiting circles -- is considered hot with him.

Commitment date?: 11/20/2019.

In the hunt: Indiana, Marquette, Memphis and Minnesota.

The latest: He's seen all of his finalists officially and is hoping to commit by the last day of the period. Marquette appears to be in pretty good shape, maybe Indiana. He has seen plenty of his home state school, but they haven't been mentioned a lot as a landing spot as we come down the stretch.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely in the early period.

In the hunt: Duke, Florida State, Michigan and Notre Dame.

The latest: He's seen everybody and is expected to sign early, but he's yet to set anything up. Michigan keeps getting mentioned a lot for him. Will he pull the trigger for the Wolverines?

Commitment date?: TBD.

In the hunt: Unknown.

The latest: All that anybody knows about Walker is that he is supposed to have a list of schools soon and that he's interested in potentially enrolling at semester. Or, maybe he will head overseas? Nobody has any idea at this point.

Commitment date?: TBD, more than likely after the early period.

In the hunt: Louisville, LSU, Mississippi, Oregon and Pittsburgh.

The latest: Since de-committing from Michigan State, he has visited Louisville and LSU. Oregon really seems to be turning up the heat but there's probably some time left before things really start to shake out for Terry.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely during the early period.

In the hunt: Oklahoma State and Georgia.

The latest: Let's cut to the chase. As of today, most everybody thinks Thor is heavily leaning towards Oklahoma State. If he goes there, the Cowboys will have a top five class.

Commitment date?: TBD, during the late period.

In the hunt: Arizona State, Auburn, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Memphis, Miami, N.C. State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, St. John’s and Temple.

The latest: Guess you could call Omoruyi the most "wide open" of the top available prospects. He has a list that has been cut to 13, but that isn't exactly a list with a meaningful cut. He's been to many of his finalists unofficially, but it's Arizona State who has been getting talked about the most of late.

Commitment date?: TBD, during the late period.

In the hunt: Wide open.

The latest: Clark is in the process of totally rebooting his recruitment. Given his defense, ability to slash to the rim in transition and general toughness it's hard to imagine he won't be a major Pac-12 target this winter. Then again, it's pretty hard to believe he wasn't a major Pac-12 target during the summer and fall.

Commitment date?: 11/23/19.

In the hunt: Arkansas and Auburn.

The latest: With each day that goes by the pressure to stay home and play for Eric Musselman grows. If we had to give an edge, it would go to the Razorbacks but it's not over yet.

Commitment date?: 12/21/2019.

In the hunt: Cincinnati, Colorado and USC.

The latest: Eason is just a little bit over a month away from making his choice. Other than it sounding like he's most likely to stay in Pac-12 country, things are pretty quiet with him as he heads down the homestretch.

Commitment date?: 11/28/2020.

In the hunt: Arkansas and Kansas.

The latest: Kansas was thought to be a long shot at this point and we have written that Arkansas should be considered the team to beat. There had been some recent buzz that TCU was in deeper than being credit for but they were cut when Robinson released an announcement date.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely during December.

In the hunt: Arizona, California, Creighton, Miami, Minnesota and Vanderbilt.

The latest: Walton is going to visit Vanderbilt this weekend and that should end the visit process for him. He's a big time jump shooter but doesn't seem to have locked in on any target over another just yet.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely during the early signing period.

In the hunt: Georgetown, Iowa and Minnesota.

The latest: Sibley has visited all three of his finalists and wants to decide soon. Can Georgetown pull off their second four-star prospect of the early signing period?

Commitment date?: 11/17/2019

In the hunt: Alabama, Arkansas, Dayton, N.C. State and USC.

The latest: As his Sunday decision approaches, Ambrose-Hylton is a tough call. He'll actually be playing games in Raleigh this weekend so that could be interesting. Alabama seems to have the most recent buzz but nobody feels particularly strong about who may or may not lead.

Commitment date?: 11/16/2019

In the hunt: Arkansas, Auburn and Memphis.

The latest: Memphis has been looking like the favorite for a bit now. But, the James Wiseman drama didn't exactly hit at a good time for them. Could this be Arkansas' chance to slide in and keep him home? Perhaps, but Memphis still seems to be in pretty decent shape.

Commitment date?: TBD, during the late period.

In the hunt: LSU, North Texas, TCU, Texas A&M and more.

The latest: Miles took one official visit, to North Texas, during the fall. At this point he's basically wide open and in no hurry to decide.

Commitment date?: TBD, likely during the late period.

In the hunt: Anybody's guess.

The latest: News regarding who has been in to see the four-star has been tough to come by. Either he's running the quietest, most leak-free, recruitment ever, or things are just slow for one reason or another. He's a well-known player, though, and will play a high-level schedule so the looks are surely coming.