Basketball Recruiting - Alex Karaban will take unofficial visits this summer
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Alex Karaban will take unofficial visits this summer

Alex Karaban
Alex Karaban

Alex Karaban is ranked No. 141 in the 2022 Rivals150. The New Hampton (N.H.) Prep forward credits his versatility for his production.

The 6-foot-8 Karaban claims upwards of 19 offers, but is currently only looking to schedule visits to two programs.

“As of now I don’t have any official visits, but unofficially I am probably going to go to Providence and UConn.”


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2022 Rankings: Rivals150 | Team | Position

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Providence: “They are a local school, always up there in the middle or the top of the pack in the Big East. I have a great relationship with them, they were the first school to offer me and really believed in me. They always talk about how much of an impact I can make there because their wings do a great job in their program.”

UConn: “With head coach Danny Hurley, they are a tough program. They produce multiple NBA talents every year. They are also a local school and finished third in the Big East this year. They are telling me I can provide a lot for them offensively, which is what they really need.”

Ohio State has reached out; Michigan and Cincinnati are all talking with me right now. They have not offered yet.”


“I will most likely take my official visits in the fall, after AAU season and everything.” Karaban said, “Relationship with the coach is always important for me. How I feel on campus, if it is a situation that feels like it could be home. I will look at how I interact with the players, and the program's style of play and if they win as a program, I really want to win throughout college.”


Production is the name of Karaban’s game. Nothing flashy, with a lot of grit, Karaban is going to go out and do his thing. His IQ and skill set really shine when he is on the floor, always playing balanced and off of two feet, he is adept at jab-steps and pump fakes to get to his spots in the half court. Even with a release point that is a bit low, Karaban is able to get his shot off beyond the arc at this point. He is a good rebounder and able to finish through contact, with great balance.